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These evangelism training activities are free. You do however need to be apart of the church of Christ. :)

Please read the "Classes/Teaching/Events" pages before signing up. For those who are ready to join us or even just want to drop by and visit, we welcome you! 


Church of Christ evangelism training

Sign up. Let us know what you're interested in doing. Visit the other pages to learn more about this work. :) 

You don't have to commit. Feel free to visit and get a feel for the groups. We would love to have you join us. To learn more about us, see the Q/A section. 

This work is for the Tampa Bay area of Florida (and the surrounding areas of FL) in the US. This group is for members of the church of Christ.  

Thanks for submitting!

We will email and text you the times and activities.

You'll be shown how to access the class materials that will be taught. We will let you know of any changes that may occur, due to bad weather, etc.

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Evangelism group training hours

Evangelism "Classes" are on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM-8:00 PM

  • Twice a month at Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library reserved room/its name will be shared ahead of time in email/text. Address: 2902 W Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33618.                                           We'll make a one-time reservation for the first two weeks of each month. 

  • We may meet up in a nearby Mall, (Citrus, International, Westshore, University, etc.) Malls are great for gatherings, (at their food court or Starbucks). They tend to not have many people in the mornings, and even in the afternoon, the food courts have many empty chairs. They are great for meeting up and spreading out into small groups, for studies in the evening as well.  

  • The rest of the time we will meet at people's homes within our group. Beginning with Joseph Sullivan's home 16111 Carden Dr. Odessa, FL 33556. Cell phone: 813.313.9787

  • Or we will reserve a room at IHOP for the meeting. Address: 408 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 Business phone: (800) 501-6155

Evangelism "Teaching" activities are on Thursdays from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM

  • We will meet at the Panera Bread Address: 13256 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618.

  • Or at the Tempe Terrace Library Address: 202 Bullard Pkwy, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

  • Or at the Village Inn ( 22601 FL-54, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639) 

  • Or at the Burger King, 8755 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

  • Or McAlister's Deli Address: 14444 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

  • Or at the IHOP for the meeting. Address: 408 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 

  • Malls, (Citrus, University, International, Westshore).

Evangelism "Events" prep meetings are on Saturdays from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

  • We will meet up/gather at Chick Fil A Address: 15801 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Greater Carrollwood, FL 33618

  • Or at Taco Bell  Address: 2031 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 

  • Malls, (Citrus, University, International, Westshore).

At the eating places, ordering food is optional. Just as long as it does not distract you from the activities.

If we are at a food place, if you don't want to order food or a side item, salad, soup, pie, etc. please consider purchasing a drink, coffee, tea, soda, etc. since we are customers at a food business.

Once we go over prep details, the week's meet-up site/ and day for doing outreach will be decided. 

We will also use this time to coordinate Bible studies and contacts who need follow-through.

Note: Evangelism "Events" is best done after first doing "Classes" and "Teaching."

We will also explore other places for "Classes," "Teaching," and "Events," in the future.

For all meetings: We will contact people with more details on the meet-up location, materials to bring, etc. beforehand, by text or email.

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