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Evangelism "Events"


The game plan for evangelism group event work

Evangelism preparation

We will gather together and talk about/plan upcoming events, ideas, and feedback on current outreach work.


We will meet to discuss contacts, pray for each other and for issues a team member needs support with. 


If someone wanted to "be prayed over" at the event or if you talked with someone about Jesus, share these things in the group.


Such info can be thoughtfully discussed with the contact for building connections when we reach out to them via text, etc.


If you shared a church card with someone or had a spiritual conversation with someone, let us know. 


As a group, we want to hear about it.  It's important to detail what took place in an event. ​


The group is encouraged when they hear about positive things. And it helps people know about what the other members are doing in their evangelism interactions.


We will meet up to discuss the event's activities, and share feedback, and any positive interactions.


We will spend time sharing contact info and reach out to our new contacts through cell text.


Bring a notebook to record data for each event, for example, you can record the type of event, the amount of time worked, and the names of the contacts reached.


If you counted the number of people interacted with, (which is not easy) record that too. Stories/positive examples experienced can be recorded too.


Record the Bible "agreed" studies you got from contacts and also record how many actually followed through. Record from those follow-throughs, how many were converted.


Record your evangelism work as "measurements of success." Learn (from your own experiences and recorded data) what works and the steps you need to take to get there.


Learn the required stats (from your personal recordings) for getting results.


What this page details in...  

1.  Outreach preparation

2.  Evangelism activities 

3.  Meeting up after an event

4.  Mentorship training

This will be further detailed in the workshop evangelism "classes." And more info will be given at that time.

Once you do get out into the field, you will have the full support of the leaders and of the group as you develop in this work. 

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Evangelism events

Stage 1- First three months: 

Note: evangelism work will coincide with the evangelism training workshops. The training from the workshop classes will complement and give context to the evangelism work.

We will first focus on invitation outreach, (inviting people to church/Bible studies). Also known as "friendship evangelism," "Cold approach" or "lifestyle evangelism." We will have goal charts and share feedback on this activity in our meetings. We will set small goals and slowly add more as we adjust and grow in this work. In the first month, we'll focus on (inviting 2) and slowly increase that number as time goes by. ​


Example: second month (4). Third month (6). And from there we will seek to encourage them to be consistent in doing His work. We will create lasting/long-term habits in doing "Cold approach/friendship evangelism." As they do this work, it will become more natural and the group will progressively feel more inclined to invite more people as the members develop and evolve in this process, (in action and comfort levels).


We'll also focus on “Coffee shop evangelism." Which is doing Bible studies in public areas. Good places are at college campuses, like USF. They have a Starbucks store building, a cafeteria, and various restaurants on campus. Also, restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, I Hops, Village Inn, etc. as well as other areas like  (busy) outdoor parks, walkway areas at colleges, shopping Malls, etc.  


I encourage the group to always be looking for venues for having public Bible studies. If people are interested in your study, you can invite them to join. If they are not able you can give them contact info for future studies and ask for their number to reach them for a group study. See “evangelism game plan” to learn more.


In the first three months, we will also do one evangelism event (during the workweek) in the last week of the each month. The event will also have a prep training class the week before to prepare the group and train others to organize the next event themselves.


Every three months, we will add another event to the month’s work, (on a different week) then the following next three months we will add another event, (on a different week). We will repeat this process till the whole week has an event.


Note: with anything, it is always good to test out different locations to find out the best areas for the best interactions/results.  When you look for ideal places to work, colleges are the best. But find out what other street locations/door-knocking locations are the most fruitful.  


Prayer: each evangelism meet-up event, will be started with prayer. There is nothing more powerful than praying in Jesus' name.


After an event, we will meet up at a fast food restaurant nearby, Chick Fil A, Starbucks, etc. The meet-up will be to celebrate food/comradeship for work well done. For most events, we will get together for a short amount of time to talk, eat, or drink.  


We will also use this time to share feedback and the interactions we had in the events we did during that day. Later that evening, the leader will assign different workers to reach out and contact those who signed up for a study or gave us their info. We will text people (to ask/or confirm the best Bible study time for them) of those who signed up.


During the week, if one of you (workers) gets a text back, forward the text to the teacher. He'll coordinate the Bible study with the person who texted, (if willing) and with the group.


The last Saturday of the month will be for meeting together in one of the group members' homes, for discussion on the month's activities. This will also be a time for sharing feedback, ideas, and encouragement.


We will have spiritual study, prayer, and singing as well. The meet-up will be a potluck. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish or drink. (See the “evangelism game plan” template and our training resources)

Meeting Afterwards

We will meet up to discuss the events activities, share feedback, any postive interactions. We will spend time sharing contacts and reach out to our new contacts through cell text.


Eiher bring a notebook or binder with paper or bring laptop and Excell program/or document program.... to log in recorded data, example: type of event, amount of time worked, the names of the contacts reached. If you counted the number of people intereacted with, (which is not easy) record that too. Stories/postive examples experinced.


Record the Bible "agreed" studies you got from contacts and also record how many actually followed through. Record from those follow throughs, how many where converted.


Record your evangelism work as "measurements of success." Learn (from your own expeirnces and recorded data) what works and the steps you need to take to get there. Learn the required stats (from your personal recordings) for getting results.

The end goal is to create self reliant outreach workers/leaders, not co depended followers in matters of soul saving. We are ALL followers of Jesus. But we, (as we develop and grow) should not rely on any man or woman for our soul saving work. 


The mission of this group is to have all the members learn to mentor others within the team. As we are mentored by the leaders and by the team, we will grow. 

The purpose for each person in the team is to learn how to lead, create events, organize activies, work with team members, etc. And long term, we want each person, to feel comfortable with becoming team leaders, (in doing evangelism work and in teaching the "Classes" for new members).

As a man and woman progresses in this work, and in "classes" and in "teaching" they will become proficeint in steping up and leading these venues.


With time such workers, will be experienced enough to recruit, train students. They will be able to set up their own evangelism groups for doing "classess," "teaching." They will be ready to create their own "events," in their own groups.

Resources from Evangelism
Team Leader: Joseph Sullivan

The goal is to create workers, who with time, will lead events, become team leaders who will help organize activities, and give support to the group members in training and mentorship.


We want to make more men and women leaders, who can instruct others in outreach methods, ideas, and work.

We want to create men who will mentor others and women who will teach ladies Bible study aides to help them train others.

Graphic Shapes

Evangelism training resources for the soul-winning team.

Evangelism training videos

Joseph Sullivan:

Website forum for training videos

YouTube training videos

JP Flores 

Evangelism workshop lessons from 

the University church of Christ

Dan Barker/Leading Others to Christ

Website forum for training videos

YouTube training videos

Facebook page videos

Evangelism training videos

From various Soul Winners

Evangelism training books, lessons and other resources

Books, lessons, and resources from Joseph Sullivan (1.2.)

Bible lesson books, study aides, evangelism material 

From various Soul Winners

Evangelism training websites 

Joseph Sullivan's training content:

Cyber evangelism (1. 2.)

How Healthy is your church?

Evangelism Strategy

Insights and ideas (blog)

Learn how to be a Bible-based NT preacher

Brent Hunter's evangelism site

"Open Bible Study" workshop/resources

"Fishing for Men" workshop/resources 

(Fishing for Men Facebook page.)

I know much of the content is from Joseph Sullivan. Feel free to share content you find useful and effective. We want the group to share materials they value with the group and we'll add such resources to this website page. :)

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