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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Learn key evangelism themes for transformative themes. The classes are to teach you effective methods for doing outreach. We will go over mentorship, and the NT pattern Jesus lived in training others in soul saving. We'll talk about the decline of the kingdom in the US and ways of preventing congregational death in America. The classes will teach you how to share strategies with your church for spiritual and numerical growth. And the workshops will also teach you how to implement successful group work as a Christian, in sharing Jesus, getting studies, getting people to help greet church visitors, etc. You can share what you learn with your leaders, and they in turn can share the themes with their church. The materials given in our group studies can also be shared/taught within the student's local assembly's Bible classes to equip the whole body for soul-saving work. However, even if your leaders are not interested in embracing the evangelism zeal that you have, you'll be able to create change through the lessons learned within the class. The Classes will give you the foundational structure to recruit church friends to share Jesus, do studies, get events together, create a structure for greeting visitors and venues for supporting the new converts. 

The material we are currently studying will be marked with a red X


The evangelism workshop classes, Bible study group teaching sessions, and outreach event activities are free. But each student needs to pay for the study lesson book for the current training session. The team leader(s) can't afford to purchase everyone's content, year after year.  That is not sustainable. The students, (like in college) are expected to get/purchase the curriculum. Which tends to be around 10 dollars per class session. The free downloadable materials are highlighted. And are to be printed out and brought to class. The current content will be marked with a red X, to let the student know what to purchase/download. They will also be notified via text or email. 

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