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Section two:

This page will record our evangelism group classes and resources, concerning "Friendship evangelism." Also known as "lifestyle," "invite" and "cold approach." Also, we'll cover coffee shop evangelism (doing public studies). And cyber (social media evangelism).

Online training and group recording

The last page detailed how to set up an event evangelism work. What can be done at the gym can be done anywhere where vendors are allowed. Such as malls, flea markets, fairgrounds, outdoor city/town festivals, college campuses, etc. We also outlined key principles for starting a group on a strong Biblical foundation


This new page will detail interpersonal outreach methods a person can do in one's day-to-day life. Ranging from Friendship evangelism to doing studies (at public locations) while taking breaks from errands, school, and work. We will also cover tech formats for outreach.

We will have evangelism videos to motivate, teach, and encourage. There will be "how to" group documents, to help educate. The group will share recorded data for review, reflection, and study. 


Beginning with (lifestyle) Friendship evangelism:

Step by Step process

We will go over how to do friendship evangelism. To our evangelism group and to others interested in (doing/becoming comfortable/getting ready to do) friendship evangelism.

  • The first step is to first watch the evangelism workshop teaching videos from JP Flores. The University Church, (in Tampa Bay FL) has doubled in size in 2 years, (in large part), it's due to the friendship evangelism JP taught and promoted, (leading to a church evangelism culture.) The elders at this church have a vision and helped create a strong/loving/thriving evangelistic culture.

  • The second step is to watch our live, in-group training classes on friendship evangelism. We will be sharing tips, ideas, and Bible-based lessons from Jesus and the Apostles. The classes will also give exercises for people to do that will slowly (as they do each exercise) acclimate a person to approaching others in doing friendship evangelism. JP Flores and Joseph Sullivan will be heading up these classes. If you watch these videos and do these exercises you will acclimate to doing friendship evangelism. 

The first step:
Training videos

Seeing Opportinites 

Understand the "Why"

Seeking the Lost:
Jesus and the Thirsty

Taking the First Step
- Demystifying Evangelism

The second step:
In group live 

First Friendship evangelism class video

Video One: Watch the training class video on friendship

evangelism. Recorded 2.21.24

Class taught by JP Flores. 

Location JP's home. 

Note:  JP taught when he had to leave early the next morning for a Gospel Meeting. He did a fantastic job. Our group was blessed to learn from the advice in this class. 


Regrettably, my cell failed to record the audio during the whole class. Someone wanted to call in and listen. Turns out you can't record and do that and still get video audio. I won't make that mistake again. Totally my fault. I ended up getting the tail end of the evangelism class. I made a second video trying to fill in the details from what was shared. I encourage you to watch it. To play the Video, click here. 



Friendship evangelism (also known as, cold approach, lifestyle or invite evangelism). 


Instructors JP Flores's and Joseph Sullivan's training videos on Friendship evangelism 

I encourage our evangelism group and others who are interested, to watch our live recorded classes, from our instructors. They will share various topics. But one of the main themes will be on Friendship (lifestyle) evangelism. When you watch (and do the exercises) you will grow and develop in friendship evangelism.
You will learn ways of doing interpersonal work with others that you come into contact with. And mature in this versatile, effective, Bible-based method. 

JP Flores is one of the best evangelists I (Joseph Sullivan) have come across. The attitude this soul winner has reflects that of Christ. Having that spirit goes hand in hand with sharing Jesus. JP is exceptional in friendship evangelism. The church has doubled in size in 2 years. He's mentored people in this method and through having a supportive eldership has successfully created a loving evangelistic culture within the
Univerity Church of Christ congregation.  Joseph Sullivan has been doing event evangelism and friendship evangelism work. He's written books on these subjects and loves to teach others these methods. 


Second Friendship evangelism class video

download (3).jpg
download (4).jpg
Remember to do the exercises within these books. Study the videos and do the activities we share within our evangelism group. :)

These efforts will help acclimate you to doing friendship evangelism more easily. Follow along and study these videos and do the exercises and you will begin to grow in friendship evangelism and develop in interacting with people.

I encourage you to have a pen and paper and record thoughts from these videos.
Also, write down our exercises and assignments, and mark them in your schedule to do daily or weekly, according to the task given.

Video two: Watch the training class video on friendship evangelism.

Recorded 2.27.24

Class taught by Joseph Sullivan 

Location St. Joseph North cafeteria. 

The books can be accessed at our "Classes" evangelism training page here. Benjamin Lee has a great video interview of his work, from Dan Barker's "Leading Others to Christ." We mention this soul winner in the class video, I encourage you to watch the video interview. You can watch it here.  You can find more content from evangelists, just google "Leading Others to Christ."


Besides doing the exercises in this video I also encourage you to do at least one evangelism event a month. Doing events will help you acclimate and transition to doing friendship evangelism faster. If your giving invites/talking to people about spiritual things, when doing door knocking, campus work, flea market outreach, etc. it will help with your comfort level doing friendship evangelism. And vis versa. The more you do event evangelism the more comfortable yo will become in doing event evangelism AND friendship evangelism. They both serve as bridges to one another. 

After we had our class, Gustav went up to a nurse and gave an invite to a church event his congregation is having for the upcoming Sunday. He did a great job and the lady, Maria, accepted the material and seemed interested.

If you've not done so, I encourage you to read the book "Save a Church from Dying." The stats are alarming and the decline within Amseric is real. This book shows why the kingdom is declining in America and shows ways on how to stop this decline. All the class books can be accessed at Spiritbuilding.

Note: When I say stats, please keep in mind I am giving max ceiling numbers. If I say you reach 10 people to get a result for such and such, that is the maximum number for a result to take place. It could be number 1 or number 4, etc. I tend to give max stats but I need to also mention, that they are ceiling numbers. So when you watch my videos, please keep that in mind, when I am outlining evangelism statistics for doing outreach work.

Our evangelism website for inviting people to sign up for a Bible study is at

You can also find us online when you search "bible study Tampa Florida."


Third Friendship evangelism class video

Video three: Watch the training class video on friendship evangelism.

Recorded 3.5.24

Class taught by Joseph Sullivan 

Location Chick-fil-A. 

Evangelism quotes to think on  

Fourth Friendship evangelism class video

Video four: An audio recording made into a video:

Bible study on evangelism from the gospel of Luke.

Training class video on friendship evangelism.

Recorded 4.9.24

Class taught by JP Flores

Location Panera Bread

We had some great interactions with folks. Someone sat in on our study. There was another Bible study going on from a college group that attends USF across the street. The lesson came from the gospel of Luke and was taught by JP Flores and details the struggles and focus of evangelism. After the Bible study, we asked questions about doing friendship evangelism. 

On the last Saturday of March, (30th 2024), we meet up at the Sullivan home to celebrate and relax after doing a great deal of outreach during this month. It was a time of food and conversation. It was a time of prayerful reflection, supplication, and praise to God. We also sang songs of thanksgiving to our Father for His grace and support in the work we did. We also shared our experiences with the events we did that month and our feedback on how our group can improve.


The group shared great ideas. Susan Stoa has been in sales and said when we text contacts who signed up, instead of giving a general invite asking what times work best for the contact, to instead mention specific days 2 that are open. People Susan says, like order and structure. They are more likely to follow through when you give them concrete choices instead of a general invite. Derek Carley shared that a good group should have a logo and a brand. This helps create identity and recognition, which builds trust. He also mentioned the importance of QR codes. When people are signing up for Bible studies, we can't always read their names, numbers, etc. With a QR code, (for tech people and interested parties) they can sign up for a Bible study using their cell phones. The QR code can also be used as a stamp to put on books, DVDs, bookmarks, etc. Our team members can carry the code on their cell phones to get signatures, etc. Derek's idea is excellent. 

Daniel Lookadoo had a great idea. When you invite people to sign up for a Bible study, or do a study (if its possible), or if you share spiritual content, and people say, "I am saved" or "I go to church" or "I have a Bible study group," etc. simply try to ask them more questions, concerning what they say, and generate more conversation, about what they shared. 

If people are not interested in sitting down and having a Bible study, or in singing up for a Bible study, then bring the Bible study to them. Talk to them about spiritual things, about salvation, heaven, etc. If you know the scriptures and have a Bible with you, then share what you know with them. 

You can also say (warmly, with interest and enthusiasm) when they say, the above, "Great, that means you must like talking about spiritual things. let me hear more about it." 


Mention USF evenng giving invites with FC student.

Share documents for next Tue class and video

Under construction


Coffee shop evangelism

Doing public studies (also known as coffee shop evangelism) is an advertisement. People see the Word being read and the curious may inquire. Our group has been doing coffee shop evangelism at Panera Bread, for about a month. I've also been doing these studies by myself. Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, basically anywhere where you can sit down and be around a lot of people is a great place for doing studies. My mentor Royce Bell used to have a small sign on the table inviting people to join him and his group for studies. He'd also invite folks. This was one of his methods of doing evangelism.

I've noticed and our other group leader, JP Flores says he's noticed the same, that when people see a person studying the Word, some of them will walk over, or stand nearby, or sit close out of curiosity. I've waitresses, stand nearby, and hover, an elderly man sat near me, and when doing a class, a man sat on the booth behind us and watched and listened. 


I've also seen those who see this and seem more lost and dispirited. The study of the WOrd, makes them feel certain things they know they have in their life. Those who seem sad, discouraged, and lost seem to gravitate and sit nearby.


Update: I think I'll go up to these people and ask if they are ok and try to get a conversation going... 

I've noticed that when I hold up my cell phone (in the air) and record our classes in such a public manner, that some are still interested, but others think more poorly of the studies. Recording things can be lumped in with stunts and trying to expose things, so I got a more discrete tablet to place on the table for future training class recordings. 

In my personal studies, I am going to do what Andy Cantrell does. This is one of Andy's main forms of evangelism. What he does is in the document here. Basically, you smile and wave, say hi to people, and if they say hi back you can invite them to study with you. I know that is rather simplistic and requires an outgoing, friendly nature. But with [practice anyone can do it. 

I'll update.....

When the evangelism group is ready I'll teach them how to do this. JP Flores can also train our group in getting interested people to join by inviting folks. And share his formats.


Update: Which I will record


Timestamp 3.3.24



End of section two

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