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Group training activities:
Sign up now.  Launch date in December 2023.
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The evangelism training group

is in the Tampa Bay, Flordia area.

Feel free to try these group  activities, "Classes" or "Teaching."  You can even do both groups. :)      It is recommended to first start  these study group sessions (for 1-2  weeks) before beginning "Events."  But that is optional. 


What is this evangelism church of Christ page about?

For those  (in the church of Christ) who live in or around the Tampa bay area, in FL. (US), you are invited to sign up for free evangelism training.

  • We will have evangelism training workshop classes. (Click on "Classes" to learn more).

  • We will have teaching groups that will equip Christians to teach the lost and new converts. And will help ready them to create their own groups. (Click on "Teaching" to learn more). 

  • We will be doing evangelism events to help you acclimate to outreach work. Learn through infield training. (Click on "Training" to learn more).

Our Goal:




The goal is to educate people on Bible-based/transformative outreach truths. Our interactive classes will explore detailed evangelism training themes. The lessons will study content on the state of the church in America, the need for soul-saving, ways of creating an evangelism culture in a congregation, virtual outreach through social media, campus work, and more. For interested parties, we will also use the concepts that are taught in this class for real-life outreach work.



The goal is to teach people how to teach. We will have groups where all will be encouraged to participate and (when ready) teach. Each class will study soul saving/new convert curriculum. Each person will learn from the other student teachers and get advice on effective teaching formats they can choose to use. The goal is to get students acclimated to teaching and to familiarize them with soul-saving Bible themes for study. Our group is a supportive tribe, where we will encourage one another and help each other grow. 



The goal is to give students real-life experience in infield outreach work. We want to equip them in knowledge and ground them through the application of that knowledge. Through participation and through learning how to implement soul-saving events, the student will grow and develop in evangelism and in leadership skills. Our desire is to make self-reliant soul winners and leaders. Active application to the ideas taught (through infield work) will help ingrain the concepts (in their minds) and help acclimate them to such experiences.


The theme and motto for this group is:
"Evangelism is Mentorship"

Leaders of followers need to be needed. Leaders of leaders need to be exceeded. In matters of evangelism, we want to create self-reliant, independent men and women leaders, who can replicate what they learn/do with others as mentors.

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